✨a forest of words!✨

On Saturday, we visited the FRANK Gallery! There, my classmates’ tree books were displayed! Here’s how we made them!

First, we screen printed. We did this by taking a screen with words cut out. Then, we took a squeegee and some paint and spread out the paint. Then, when you remove the squeegee, you are left with neat lines!

Then, we folded the base of our tree books. It was a big piece of paper painted blue that we folded, then glued the pieces that we screen painted on top.

Next, we did Akua ink! That is basically where you have a pad of jelly, almost, and put a little bit of akua ink and spread it out with a brayer! Next, you put something on top, we used leaves and flowers, and put a piece of paper on top of that. Then, you brayer the paper so all the ink transfers to it, and lift it up! There you have a rally pretty art piece!

After that, we did collages! We took some scrap pieces of paper from legt over akua prints and collaged onto our tree books! We also added some pockets that were coon envelopes! Later I added some pieces of writing into them. I added three envelopes.

I added three writings! I first added a piece of writing I wrote about a role model in my life – I wrote about my cousin, Remi. The second piece of writing I added was my life list! A life list is basically a bucket list, or a list of things out want to do before you die. I also wrote a story about the stars! The last piece of writing I added was a poem I wrote about called “When This is Over,” where talked about what we will do when Covid is over.

The last thing I added was my wish. My wish was “I wish for the world to be healed.”

The books were displayed at the FRANK Gallery! http://www.frankisart.com/

The amazing local artist, Peg Gignoux, helped us with out books! http://gignouxart.com/

Thanks for reading! <3

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