✨My Daily Habit!✨

For the entire month of January, my class had to pick a daily habit to do. I chose stretching.

My daily habit for January was stretching. I am naturally flexible but I’ve started to worry that if I don’t stretch I will become less flexible. I’ve been mainly focusing on my back, shoulders and legs, but towards the end of January I’ve mainly been stretching my legs.

I realized that trying to do something every day is harder then it sounds. The first week was pretty easy, but then I gradually started to become tired of doing the same thing every day.

I overcame the challenge of soreness. There was one day where I could not move but I still tried to stretch a little but. It was hard but I only did some simple stretches.

I made great progress with my flexibility! I took a before and after picture that is above and the results were mind blowing.

My daily habit for February will be stretching again. I want to try to get a wall split down (a vertical split on the wall) down to the floor by the end of March!

That’s all for today! Bye! <3

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