✨Compound Effect!✨

My class planked in school for 30 seconds at the beginning and three minutes at the end from November to December. This showed us that if we read and write everyday it makes a difference. At first, I was barely able to plank for 30 seconds but at the end I planked for 11 minutes 47 seconds!

My new daily habit is stretching. I was pretty flexible at the beginning of my challenge, but for six days I have done the same stretches for the same amount of time in hopes of being able to do a needle (a flexibility pose) and I have improved so much! (On the left of the picture above there is a picture of me when we started this challenge and on the right is me six days into it. You can see that my leg is a lot more bent on the left and is more straight on the right!) I will continue to stretch even after January is over.

Thank you for reading! Bye <3

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