Hi! On February 16, 2021, my class was given $20,000 each (not real money) to invest in socks because we read The Westing Game, a novel by Ellen Raskin. In The Westing Game, there is a character named Turtle Wexler! She loves the stock market and is always interested in it. The stocks I invested in were Amazon (5 shares), Netflix (1 share), Target (1 share), Lululemon (1 share), Starbucks (1 share) and Google (1 share)! Above you can see how my stocks went up and down over the span of three months.

Something new I did during this project was using formulas in Google Spreadsheets! That is basically where if you type in a certain thing, it will automatically do the math for you. That helped me to see how much money I gained and lost!

AMAZON: I bought five shares of Amazon, which is where I spent most of my money! At the time that I bough it, each share costed $3,269.56! For one share! Through Amazon, I gained exactly $0.

NETFLIX: I bought one share of Netflix. When I bought it, each share cost $557.12. Through Netflix, I lost $53.85.

TARGET: I only bought one share or Target as well. The cost of one share was $191.2. Through Target, I gained $35.3!

LULULEMON: I bought one share of Lululemon. Each share cost $342.83. Through Lululemon, I lost $17.38.

STARBUCKS: I bought one share of Starbucks, and each share cost $106.07. Through Starbucks, I gained $7.19.

GOOGLE: Google was the last company I invested in, and I bought one share of that. Each share cost $2126.95, and through Google I gained $199.55!

Thanks for reading! <3

✨Korean Culture!✨

Hi! Recently, my class was tasked with writing a Ted Talk about something important to us. One classmate did hers on researching before getting a pet, another did his on overfishing, but I did mine on Korean Culture, since I am half Korean. Here are some of my favorite parts form my script!

Hi! I am half Korean and my mom is full Korean. It isn’t immediately clear, however, but there are some clues. For example, in my closet, I have a hanbok! That is what you call a traditional Korean outfit.

So next, let’s move onto food! There are all kinds of Korean food, but I think the most famous kinds are kimchi and Korean BBQ! Kimchi is a side dish of salted and fermented vegetables, and is usually spicy. I personally am not a huge fan of kimchi, but try it out and let me know if you like it! Korean BBQ, however, is one of my favorites. It is a way of grilling beef, pork or chicken. In restaurants in Korea, there will usually be gas or charcoal grills built into the dining table so the meat can be grilled in front of you! It’s pretty cool.

Let’s talk about Seollal! Seollal is the Korean New Year. It is on the same day as Chinese New Year because it is based off of the Lunar Calendar! Even though I personally do not celebrate it, I do know about it. The most important part of the Seollal celebration is the ritual honoring your ancestors. The ritual is called charye which is where the females of the household prepare food for the reverence, or respect, and the males present the food to the ancestors. The final step of the ritual is called eumbok, where the entire household gathers together to eat the food. This step allows ancestors to bless the household for the upcoming year.

So, last up, I thought it would be fun for me to teach you all some basic Korean words. First up, we have hello. You say this two ways: 안녕하세요 and 안녕하세요 (annyeong and annyeonghaseyo). Annyeong is hi and annyeonghaseyo is hello!

I hope you learned something new, and thank you for coming to my Ted Talk! <3


✨a forest of words!✨

On Saturday, we visited the FRANK Gallery! There, my classmates’ tree books were displayed! Here’s how we made them!

First, we screen printed. We did this by taking a screen with words cut out. Then, we took a squeegee and some paint and spread out the paint. Then, when you remove the squeegee, you are left with neat lines!

Then, we folded the base of our tree books. It was a big piece of paper painted blue that we folded, then glued the pieces that we screen painted on top.

Next, we did Akua ink! That is basically where you have a pad of jelly, almost, and put a little bit of akua ink and spread it out with a brayer! Next, you put something on top, we used leaves and flowers, and put a piece of paper on top of that. Then, you brayer the paper so all the ink transfers to it, and lift it up! There you have a rally pretty art piece!

After that, we did collages! We took some scrap pieces of paper from legt over akua prints and collaged onto our tree books! We also added some pockets that were coon envelopes! Later I added some pieces of writing into them. I added three envelopes.

I added three writings! I first added a piece of writing I wrote about a role model in my life – I wrote about my cousin, Remi. The second piece of writing I added was my life list! A life list is basically a bucket list, or a list of things out want to do before you die. I also wrote a story about the stars! The last piece of writing I added was a poem I wrote about called “When This is Over,” where talked about what we will do when Covid is over.

The last thing I added was my wish. My wish was “I wish for the world to be healed.”

The books were displayed at the FRANK Gallery! http://www.frankisart.com/

The amazing local artist, Peg Gignoux, helped us with out books! http://gignouxart.com/

Thanks for reading! <3

✨Frances Dowell Stories!✨

Over the past few months, my class has been writing stories called our Frances Dowell stories! Frances Dowell is an author that helped us with our stories! She took us through the parts of stories, and here they are!

1. What if? To start a story, you fist come up with a what if question. To start mine, I thought, “What if I was blamed for a murder I didn’t do?” Then I made a whole story around that one question by just writing whatever comes to my mind.

2. Opening action scene: To start your story, you make an action scene at the beginning, something that happens to your character! Examples: if your character breaks their arm, if they adopt a pet, if they fall out of a window, if they get lost, etc. This will lead to the plot of your story.

3. Background check: this is also at the beginning of the story! It’s basically introducing the character: their name, their age, where they live, etc.

4. Sticks and stones: sticks are little problems that your character goes through, like if they get lost, hurt themself, etc., and stones are bigger problems.

5. Big monster problem: the big problem, the climax of the story! This is what your whole plot leads up to! Wether it’s your character battling a monster or completing a big exam, this is the big problem.

6. Resolution: ending your story. Maybe it’s your character finding their way home if they were lost, or finally getting their cast off after breaking their arm.

I learned from my peers that I kind of rushed through my story. I would explain everything really quickly and it was really confusing.

I’ve never actually finished a full story like this! Of course I’ve written stories in kindergarten and other grades, but I’ve started kindergarten  stories like this and haven’t finished.

Check out Frances Dowell’s website here! ⤵️


Thank you for reading! Bye! <3






✨Window or Mirror?✨

“when you reach me” by pqgw is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

When you’re reading a book, you can think about if it is a window or mirror for you. A window would be like a window into a different world that you can’t relate to, like Harry Potter, because I’m not a wizard living in London, and a mirror would be a book that you can relate to. I am reading When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead. This book is a window because it takes place into he 70’s in New York City. Although I am in 6th grade and the main character is as well, we are really different. She has single mother. Her mom is a lawyer, and my dad is a lawyer, so I can relate to that, but overall it is a window.

When You Reach Me is about a girl named Miranda. She has a best friend named Sal, and they walk to and from school together everyday. One day Sal gets punched by a kid and shuts Miranda out of his life. Soon after, Miranda finds a piece of paper in her book that says “I am coming to save your friend’s life, and my own.” She receives more notes, each weirder than the last, and whoever is writing them seems to be able to tell the future. Miranda becomes scared that she must prevent a tragic death. But when she receives the final note she thinks it’s too late.

I love this book so much! If you like The Miscalculations of Lighting Girl then I think you will like this book.

That’s all from me! Bye! <3

✨My Daily Habit!✨

For the entire month of January, my class had to pick a daily habit to do. I chose stretching.

My daily habit for January was stretching. I am naturally flexible but I’ve started to worry that if I don’t stretch I will become less flexible. I’ve been mainly focusing on my back, shoulders and legs, but towards the end of January I’ve mainly been stretching my legs.

I realized that trying to do something every day is harder then it sounds. The first week was pretty easy, but then I gradually started to become tired of doing the same thing every day.

I overcame the challenge of soreness. There was one day where I could not move but I still tried to stretch a little but. It was hard but I only did some simple stretches.

I made great progress with my flexibility! I took a before and after picture that is above and the results were mind blowing.

My daily habit for February will be stretching again. I want to try to get a wall split down (a vertical split on the wall) down to the floor by the end of March!

That’s all for today! Bye! <3

✨What Punctuation Am I?✨

I am an exclamation point. I am always loud and expressive when writing, texting or speaking. I am usually happy, excited and fun, which is why I use the exclamation point a lot. I usually break the ice in a tense room by telling a joke or saying another little thing. I don’t use the period much when texting because I am not usually very serious when texting. 

Or maybe I’m an asterisk! I’m always spelling words wrong, or when someone texts me something, like “we have a test today”, I often text back, “*cries*”. The asterisk was one of the first punctuation marks I learned to use! When I was young my sister taught me to use the asterisk when you spell a word wrong. I used to use two, like this: **hi, but now I only use one: *hi.

I might even be quotation marks! When writing, I love adding dialogue. I also talk a lot, so if I were a character in a story I would have lots of lines and quotation marks would appear everywhere on a page where my character enters the story.

Bye! <3

✨Compound Effect!✨

My class planked in school for 30 seconds at the beginning and three minutes at the end from November to December. This showed us that if we read and write everyday it makes a difference. At first, I was barely able to plank for 30 seconds but at the end I planked for 11 minutes 47 seconds!

My new daily habit is stretching. I was pretty flexible at the beginning of my challenge, but for six days I have done the same stretches for the same amount of time in hopes of being able to do a needle (a flexibility pose) and I have improved so much! (On the left of the picture above there is a picture of me when we started this challenge and on the right is me six days into it. You can see that my leg is a lot more bent on the left and is more straight on the right!) I will continue to stretch even after January is over.

Thank you for reading! Bye <3

✨Wisdom Tale Comic✨

This is the Amazing Grace Wisdom Tale. The moral is “it’s never too late to change”.

This is my comic of the Wisdom Tales, “Amazing Grace”. I chose this Wisdom Tale because it is an inspiring true story about the change of heart.

I used the app Sketchbook for the drawings and Comic Life for the layout.